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Stong and robust high bay - High-performance solutions.

We have a wide range of high bay LED (ufo, flood, etc.) from known suppliers

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HIGH BAY LED - Powerful LED lighting

Energy efficient LED high bay with excellent lighting performance.

Buy your high bay from us with 50.000-100.000 hour lifespan

We have long warranty on our high performance high bay serie

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High bay LED - Strong lighting for stadiums and arenas

High bay is a new LED application that has a very powerful light beam and durability. The LED are always high preformance diods from Philips, CREE, Samsung, Epistar etc. A High bay LED lamp of ca 150-400 watts - replacing the previous metal halogen with up to 2.000 watts while providing better lighting thats enviroment friendly and low in energy consumtion. High bay LED series is the latest in LED technology and high bay lamps last for about 100.000 hours without either have to be repaired or maintained. We also give 5 years warranty on all high bays. High bay can be attached to poles, wall brackets and ceilings and are compatible with the 230 volt for the regular outlet. High bay is strong durable lights which is ideal for lighting in swimming pools, ski centers, riding stables, industries, sports facilities, parking spaces for cars and more.


Invest in durable LED high bay lights

High bays powerfull caractcteristis fits many uses amongs bathhouses, swimming pools, both inside and outside, sports facilities in different forms like fotball stadiums and playing courts, recycling facilities, hangars and ligting for bus and train stations as well as general lighting where you want to have special lighting that fills de demand you need. High bay lighting is for professionals. High Bays hold strong in all weather conditions and have a lifespan up to one hundred thousand hours without requiring any maintenance or changing parts. High bay is a new LED application which has taken a step further in terms of technology for professionals. High bay can offer you a high preformance LED lamp with very good qualities and many uses. High bay fits ski resorts and ski slopes and its also suitible for camping places and highways both private and public as street lighting. High bay is also suitble for various forms of lighted trails, exercise trails, stadiums and also plants that require well-lit rooms and areas where the lights must not disappoint at any time. LED high bay are durable and have a long service life and warranty and will work year after year with top illuminated areas or use.

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LED high bay for ports sand dolls

High bay series of LED is also available for marinas and harbors as is IP65 total water resistand lights that also suits for piers and boat docks. High bay is perfectly safe lighting in dry dock and the lamp is usually used in submarine docks, shipyard and fire stations and water works and also in the mining and oil sector both on the mainland and at sea. To name a few examples. High bay is trustable lighting for the high-performance and professional practitioners who do not compromise on quality and functionality. High bay lamps replace metal halogen thats bot ah holds environmental hazard and uses a lot of energy. The high bay LED uses less energy as a very energy efficient lamp with low energy consumption that is enviromental friendly.